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China in Asia (School): Suzhou North America High School (SNA) - Private School - ChinaSuzhou North America High School (SNA) is a private school located in Suzhou, China.


Website: Suzhou North America High School (SNA)

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SNA Truth
  · 9 days ago.
  • 1/10
  • 1/10
  • 1/10
    Work location
  • 1/10
    Living situation
  • 6/10
    Pay & benefits
  • 1/10
    Support & facilities
  • 1/10
    Health & safety
The truth behind SNA.
It exists only to serve itself, this much is generally true of for profit schools, but this school is listed as Not-For-Profit.
The students are anywhere from acceptable to good with a few poor students thrown in for good measure.
The staff support on the academic side is tolerable, if a bit slow at responding to needs.
The staff support everywhere else is awful.
Promises and contractual obligations are discarded willy-nilly, the foreign teacher manager doesn't manage so much as boss around.
The living conditions while there were atrocious.
There were and probably still are a number of illegal foreign teachers at the school.
Overtime apparently isn't a thing, even though people work it.
The idea of having soap in the bathroom doesn't seem to matter much.
Being housed in dorms with students is completely unacceptable and not in agreement with contract stipulations.
The money involved in the institution was good, but it was very frustrating during my tenure at the school.
Dealing with the FT-Manager, Matt, is a bit like hitting your head against a brick wall. He seems to be the source of many of the frustrations that the foreign teachers experienced there.
Illegal teachers are a no-no, as are providing shite dorms. Please remedy this. Not providing appropriate contract stipulations and then saying tough cookies isn't a great way to acknowledge your teachers.
the FT-Manager should go, things will smooth out from there.
Communicate with your teachers, last minute notices are a thing in China, sure. But your idea of last minute is just piss poor.
Out in the middle of no-where.
I was a teacher with this institution, no longer do I work there.
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