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Korea, South in Asia (School): ILS (International Language School) - Franchise - South KoreaILS (International Language School) is a franchise located in South Korea.

Website Korean: ILS (International Language School)



Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Jeju, Daegu, Daejeon, Gimhye, Mokdong,



4.0/5 from 4 ratings.
  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Work location
  • Living situation
  • Pay & benefits
  • Support & facilities
  • Health & safety
Summary rating
1 rating(s).
7 helpful voted.
I'm Still Here
3 months ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
I am writing this review as a long-term employee and as a career ESL instructor. I have taught in half a dozen schools and have a good basis for comparison. Any teacher considering ILS Mokdong as a place of work can feel confident their experience will be a good one. I would have left long ago if it hadn't satisfied the criteria crucial to me.

We are not over worked and have plenty of off periods in which to do clerical work, class preparation, and relaxation. The curriculum is reading focused but most of the lessons are 4-skills oriented. We are always paid on time. The school property is brand new (as of March 2019) and located in an affluent area close to department stores, restaurants, and public transportation. The current attendance is stable and 3/4 of the classes are at capacity (8-9 students.) I have been treated more than fairly and with respect. I have received raises over the years which show how much I'm valued.

I am dissatisfied with the computers as they are slow, but they function or are repaired immediately if they are not. I wish there was a larger teacher's room, but the foreign teachers tend to congregate in an empty classroom should their off periods coincide.

I would have spare textbooks prepared for the instances when newly enrolled students show up to class. I believe this is an easy fix.

The school is located on the 5th floor at 299 Omok-ro, Western Avenue 5F, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea

I am the head teacher.
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2 rating(s).
1 helpful voted.
ILS (International Language School) Mokdong, Seoul.
2 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Institute Review
This was the experience of myself, previous teachers, and so I hear, current teachers:

-contracts stated that teachers would be teaching 30 classes a week but ended up teaching in excess of 36 a week because the director insisted that it was 30 teaching hours, and that if a class is 40/50 minutes it doesn't qualify as a teaching hour. Some days teachers would teach 8-9 classes a day with no real break (excluding ten minute breaks in between each class)
- no healthcare or pension (this is illegal, but the director insisted it wasn't and threatened to fire teacher when they questioned her).
- landlord was used to spy on teacher outside of working hours (he would frequently question teachers about their activities and guests and relay them to the director as well as go into their homes when teachers were not home without their permission).
- director is a thief, time and time again she would steal from the children (during birthday parties, food would be stolen from the children and taken back to her own home & food that parents would send to teachers she would hide in her office to take home).
- scamming the parents (she would charge the parents for monthly books whilst making teachers extend the curriculum with no additional teaching materials for upwards of two months).
- no classroom materials (she wouldn't supply teachers with any craft or decorative materials but teachers were expected to decorate their classrooms seasonally and extend curriculums using our own money)
- forced employees to work even when sick & with proof from a doctor.
- illegally withheld pay from Korean teachers under false pretenses.
- viciously aggressive responses when questioned about legal issues.
- threatened to fire employees if they were to questioned any part of their employment or contract.
- no teacher with an E2 stays for longer than a year (for good reason).
- worked outside of weekday schedule, didn't get paid overtime.
The pros
No lesson planning required, the director gave no care to how her hagwon was run, you had a lot of freedom.
The cons
Stated above in the review.
Advice to Management
To run a good business it would benefit you to keep teachers happy and willing to stay for more than a year, not only would you gain experienced teachers in your curriculum but also it would benefit you financially in the long run. Treat teachers with some humanity, at the very least, let them have sick days.
Institution Location
양천구 목동 808-1 경원빌딩 3층
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7 rating(s).
4 comment(s).
5 helpful voted.
ILS - Geoje-do branch
3 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
This branch was reviewed by myself a while back before ESLwatch became a review site and still can be found through the search facility.,-south-in-asia-article/6558-international-language-school-ils-gohyeon-geoje-island.html

The branch of ILS I worked at in 2011 was located on the beautiful island of Geoje-do. I had worked for the for only 11 months due to changes that the school was making at that time.

The school was family run and the owners were very nice. They were very approachable and helpful with any problems they did their best to assist the teachers if there are any problems with students or the work. Salary was always given on time and they assisted with paying utility bills. They also gave me my severance pay even though my contract was shortened by a month.

For the 11 months that I had worked at ILS there was a lot of work to do to help the students with all of their practical English skills. Like all children there are good children and naughty children; fast learners and those who needed extra help.

As I have said there was a lot of work to do at this school. There were the weekly lesson plans in which I actually managed to do a month worth of plans which saved me time to prepare for the lessons which I kept varied and tried not to do the same thing for each class so the students did not get bored. Believe me students can get very bored of doing the same thing in every class. This was a little difficult due to the American curriculum that was being used. The only draw back was the curriculum was continuous and could be tedious after a year of teaching it. Still as long as the lesson plan was strong enough to keep the students focused in class and also enjoying themselves it was rewarding in the end.

During certain times of the year there were extra curricular activities for the students which meant working longer hours but that was not a problem and this gave new students a chance to gain knowledge of English and allow established students a chance to practice skills that they have been taught in their usual classes. Also I was paid extra for the summer and winter camps that were held in the morning along with normal teaching hours.

Though I was a strict teacher and did not allow my students to use Konglish or make mistakes in their work they in turned pushed their own abilities to do well. I know they have the ability to do well; as a teacher I ensured that the students learnt what was necessary first and then used activities to help improve their understanding of what they are learning. I am proud of all of my students to whom I had taught and enjoyed teaching them.

I was pleased working for this school and hope they continue to prosper.
Institution Location
Geoje-do, Gyeongsangnam-do
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1 rating(s).
5 helpful voted.
Avoid at all costs if you value your time, money, and self-worth.
4 years ago.
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
I worked for 10.5 months at this school before being "let go" because three of my dropped out of the school (Because they moved to a different part of the city over an hour away!).  They gave me three written warnings back to back to satisfy the contract clause requiring three warnings to fire me, even though the students all left at the same time.  I have no doubt they did this so they wouldn't have to pay my severance payment at the end of my year-long contract, and they could also withhold money from my paycheck to cover the costs of my initial airfare and recruiter fee.  This obvious lack of integrity is only one of the reasons I would recommend avoiding this school at all costs.

Throughout the year, the teacher turnover rate is extremely high for a school, and we were constantly replacing both foreign and Korean teachers.  After four months I too considered leaving, but wanted to fulfill my end of the contract and so I told myself that it was only a year and I could change schools afterwards.  Hindsight is certainly 20/20 in this case, and I should have seen all the red flags.  Had I known I would be fired a month and a half before completing my contract, I would have definitely left sooner, as most teachers there tend to do.  To give you an idea of the turnover rate, by month seven I was the veteran foreign teacher at the school, and by the time they terminated my contract I was the longest-working teacher of both foreign and Korean workers (with the exception of the vice-director, who doesn't actually do any teaching).

Housing is not as promised in the contract.  Instead of a single furnished studio apartment within walking distance of the school, you're given what's called a "goshiwon" or "gos*i*el" which is a very small room with just a bed and a desk used mainly by university students needing their own place to study.  The bathroom, showers, and kitchen are all shared.  The rooms are extremely tiny, and you will be shocked as to what they consider adequate living space.  Electricity usage is posted for all rooms in the hallway, and if you use more than their desired amount the landlord will yell at you in Korean to the point where people are peaking out of their own rooms to see the commotion.  Furthermore, you have to catch a bus to your school, which will cost an extra $4 total each day and detract about 15 minutes each way.

Speaking of yelling, if you are ever in disagreement with any of the chosen books for classes, or the placement of lower level students in upper level classes for the sake of saving money and not having to hire on new teachers, you will be chewed out in Korean in the most embarrassing way, right in front of all the teachers in the teacher's room and even the students in your class.  The director once entered a co-teacher's classroom mid-lesson and berated them loudly, in Korean, for 10 minutes while their students watched on in horror.  When one student quit as a result (they told their mom and their mom kind of flipped out), the teacher was reprimanded, received a written warning, and had the student's tuition docked from their pay.

ILS in Jukjeon is a place that sounds like every other on paper.  What they actually do to the teachers there should be criminal.
I'm at a much better school now, and just want people to know that I don't believe ILS Jukjeon represents the hagwon system as a whole, but is one of those rotten apples that gives them all a bad name.  There are much, much better positions out there.
The pros
Jukjeon is a nice place, very pretty in all seasons.
The cons
Pay deductions
Early contract terminations
High turnover rate
Advice to Management
Treat your employees better.
Provide adequate housing.
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