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Spain in Europe (School): MoonEnglish (Moon English) - Private School - Spain

MoonEnglish is a private school located in Cáceres, Spain.


Address: Calle Las Águilas, 67, 10004 Cáceres, Spain.

Website: MoonEnglish

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  • Professionalism (5/10)
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  • Health & safety (5/10)
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Relaxed friendly school
  · 1 months ago.
  • 10/10
  • 10/10
  • 10/10
    Work location
  • 10/10
    Living situation
  • 10/10
    Pay & benefits
  • 10/10
    Support & facilities
  • 10/10
    Health & safety
I have been working at Moon English for 6 months now, and have just confirmed a second academic year with them. My experience has been thoroughly positive. Since the recruitment process the Director and her husband, who also works at the school, have been extremely professional and supportive in easing the transition, from helping with official paperwork to assisting with general settling-in tasks such as opening a bank account and finding a GP. They have both lived in Caceres a long time, so therefore know a lot of people and are happy to recommend trusted contacts for a teacher's needs. My landlady is an ex-student of the school and we were introduced by the school Director. I am very pleased with the recommendation as she has been one of the best landladies I have rented from.
The workload is very manageable, and textbooks and resources are provided by the school. There's a relaxed friendly atmosphere among the team, and we usually share ideas (and cake!) in the staff room. The students are motivated and eager to participate, and there are regular opportunities for the parents to check in and communicate with teachers, so building connections is rarely a problem.
Caceres is a small friendly city with lots of places to visit nearby. The lifestyle here is relaxed with plenty of great bars and cafes and the countryside is a short distance away, it's a traditional place where businesses close for siesta and on Sundays so it can be quiet at times. It gets a lot of Spanish tourists so the old town is lively at weekend and on public holidays. There are lots of small festivals here also, which are a lot of fun.
The only downside to living in Caceres is that getting to airports can be a trek, but I am happy to put up with it to live in such a pretty place. Travelling to school is easy, it's on a regular bus route, which is very cheap (70c per trip with a 'bonobus' card), or it's possible to walk, weather permitting, in about 30 minutes from the centre. Everywhere else is easily accessed on foot and Caceres is a pleasant place to walk around, albeit slightly hilly so cycling may be harder work! Overall I am really pleased with my lifestyle here.
Management is supportive, professional, and experienced. I was interviewed via Skype and hired without having to come to Spain. I arrived a week prior to starting my contract when I was offered lots of support in getting paperwork started. Since then there has been continued support from management and other staff.
None relating to the school or the work, but some people may find Caceres too quiet, too far inland, or too far away from airports.
Calle los Halcones, 10, 10004 Cáceres, Spain.
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  • 0/10
  • 0/10
  • 0/10
    Work location
  • 0/10
    Living situation
  • 0/10
    Pay & benefits
  • 0/10
    Support & facilities
  • 0/10
    Health & safety
After being interviewed on Skype, I was hired 4 days later and made every effort to relocate as quickly as physically possible, a few days´later, 4 hours north to Cáceres. After several days in AirBnb accommodation, I was pressured into taking an apartment (a place owned by an old friend of Megen Moon). I had what I thought was a successful meeting with the school owner and was given a timetable etc, everything except a contract. I then spent 4 days planning lessons for upcoming classes. I left 12 days later, very much in debt, after being told by telephone that they were no longer going to hire me. The reason given was connected with my paperwork and apparently lawyers were advising them that they would be fined 6000 euros if they hired me, despite my having being employed by top schools and academies in the south. This story was repeated over and over. I am fully resident in Spain, with British passport, NIE, Social Security, health card and am on the Padron. Megen Moon continued with that lie, until a week or so later, once I had returned south, saying she thought I knew it was other reasons. Whatever the excuse, they (her, American, and her Spanish partner) were extremely unprofessional about the process. They were shouting, making out to be angry, pointing, stabbing at papers and generally being abusive. Despite my obvious distress, this continued by phone and in person, until I received the call telling me they were no longer going to hire me.
That I wasn´t hired by these people.
At interview, I was told that everywhere was in walking distance and that within 20 minutes I could be anywhere I needed to be. This is not the case, as the city is spread out and the school is some distance (40 minutes´walk from the centre) and the business I was to work at was not central, but an early bus ride away for an 8 am start.
I now have an excellent job with a top school, a truly professional academy that has been established many, many years, that pays well and treats its staff with respect. The top director observed my fourth class and is extremely happy with me.
Calle Las Águilas, 67, 10004 Cáceres, Spain.
Employee (almost) October 2016
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