China in Asia (School): C&F School for International Communication and Leadership - Private School - ChinaC&F School for International Communication and Leadership has a couple of private schools located in Yunnan, China.



403# Bai Ta Road Extended Line, Kunming, Yunnan, China.

86# Dong Feng Dong Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China.

Website: C&F School for International Communication and Leadership



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Great to start but as the truth reveals itself, not so much.
1 year ago
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On the face of it this was one of the best schools to work for in Kunming with higher than average wages and all the technological gadgetry a teacher needs but unfortunately that is just the packaging……
I started working at this school just over 3 years ago and it was a very different place then. One of the main reasons I started working there was that the parents and students were held accountable and removed from the school if underperforming. Parents were required to sign a contract to this effect before their children could attend. This is no longer the case as the school's focus has shifted to pure financial gain negating the quality of tuition provided. The school has a very high number of staff, most of which are Chinese “teachers” with no teaching qualification (at least none that is internationally recognized) being trained by others without qualifications.
The school is actually quite smart in their marketing and management strategy but the absolute lack of truth and integrity will be its downfall. Since I started work there the management have told staff that there are in excess of 2000 students on a waiting list in order to seem more exclusive but that is far from the truth. When I first started with the school, they only hired the most qualified and experienced foreigners. In the same way that China has perfected IP theft, the school has found a way to emulate their government. New teachers are welcomed into the fold and constantly asked questions by the so-called Chinese teachers which is fairly normal. Coming from an open culture and wanting to be friendly all foreigners share their knowledge and experience freely as is their way. Soon the teacher will see their teaching techniques being used by the Chinese staff and then the truth hits. The school not only employs foreigners to impress the parents (as is the case in most schools) but then, due to their absolute lack of creativity, to steal ideas in order to keep their classes fresh for the students. Once they are done with the teacher, they find some excuse not to renew their contract and move onto the next. In my case, the school refused to renew my contract because my son had recently been born.
Unlike most schools, C&F insists that parents attend the class with their children. This is a great ploy as it removes the parent’s embarrassment at having to start from the beginning to learn a language and I believe this is the main reason for the school’s success.
The school is now managed by a Napoleonic little nationalist (read racist) who has been stewing in the fact that he was paid less than the foreigners for years because he is Chinese (not because he is less qualified) and finally has his chance to have his revenge. Unfortunately, he has the owner’s ear and even though the owner seems to be a considerate and caring individual, he is extremely underhanded. Where the previous manager was straight-forward ; hard but fair and experienced internationally, her replacement is exactly opposite and his influence is destroying the school. Add to this the regularly late payments and the constant administrative changes to scheduling and staff management , and the working environment becomes a primary school play ground where lack of competence and clique based authorita*i*nism is the name of the game.
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