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Korea, South in Asia (School): Little Seeds Kindergarten - Private School - South Korea

Little Seeds kindergarten is a private school located in Suwon, South Korea.


Address: 951-2 Youngtongdong, Younggu, Suwon, Kyunggi, 16706, South Korea.

Website korean: Little Seeds Kindergarten


2.8/5 from 2 ratings.
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Summary rating
1 rating(s).
2 comment(s).
5 helpful voted.
1 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
The person who made up the review of Litttle Seeds earlier is actually 'As**ley D*h*er Th**pson' who must have mental disorder as she keeps using parents' names and cheat people to defame Little Seeds.
She had worked at Little Seeds for 2years and she pretends she was one of the parents at Little Seeds and have kept making nonsense stories to defame the school since she left the school 2years ago.
She was an introvert, a less like social person, and had a little difficulties of mixing with other colleagues herself while she was at Little Seeds.
However, during her contract, she didn't have any trouble with the school, as she did her jobs properly at her work.
She required 20 hard copies of reference and left school with good references.
She never had pay cheque problems or even a small argument with the employers and other colleagues.
Even though, she left the school early many times during her working hours at Little Seeds, she got paid on time without deducting a balance.
The school often invited her husband to join the company dinner.
When As***y bought products for herself in Korea, the employer checked Korean-written ingredients for her, since he got known she has an allergy to cinnamon.
Sometimes, when employer bought snacks for employees, he always avoided the snack has cinnamon ingredients.
The wife of employer was during pregnancy and she left school for maternity leave while *sh**y was at Little Seeds, however she made up horrible nonsense stories about the wife of employer to defame her.
Currenlty, A****y is in China for teaching English, however she keeps pretending she was a former parent and keeps posting nonsense stories to defame Little Seeds continuously.
The shocking thing is, she posts her made up story, when she is on her current school vacation, and she posts the story from a country where outside of China, as she is not able to use Google or Facebook in China.
Anyway, not even a single parent who found her posting doesn't believe or care about her nonsense stories at all, as the parents already know about the employers and employees at Little Seeds for a long time.
In fact, Little Seeds parents keep introducing new children to school as usual, and the school is growing bigger and has more children than before, contrary to her wishes.
She should do something that is constructive for herself, rather than wasting her time on keyboards.
Now she made herself lost precious memories and relationships between the school.
Still, the employers and the coworkers who have known A***e*, have no idea of the reason why she keeps defaming school, so there is only way that they can guess, she is probably a keyboard warrior or a psychopath or possibly she got a mental disease.
She had never complained about her work at Little Seeds for 2years, and she even asked for renewing her contract after her first year at Little Seeds.
The school raised her salary as she wished after her 1st year, and cleared all the required payments at the end of her contract.
She is accused of libel in Korea, and there is no reason not to sue her.
Little Seeds has all the evidence including the letters from the former teachers.
She should know the children are smart enough than she thinks, and the children know who loves them.
The love, can not be cheated as it is the feeling between the hearts.
A***** should know hurting someone with keyboards would return to her and will made her pay dearly.
She should stop wasting her time, as there might some children and parents who don't know about her, would think she was a good teacher.
Institution Location
951-2 Youngtongdong Youngtonggu Suwon
South Korea
The school has good relationships with all the staffs. Most of staffs (employees) are happy to renew their contacts, and they either have worked or still working at school for many years.
Some staffs are coming back to Little Seeds after they have completed their work with other schools.
Little Seeds provides family alike environment. Both employers and employees are happy to share their concerns together.
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5 of 9 people found the following review helpful
  • Remissox 1 years ago.
    The lady wasn't lying, in rather typical hagwon fashion you do cover up quite a few things in order to save face.

    The poster of the above article isn't a native speaker, with many noticeable English errors that a korean speaker makes.

    Please be aware that defaming a person is not the same as defining incidences of malfeasance from a business.

    The lady posted truthful information.
    Now please admit the truth. It is an absolute defense.
    • Hh 1 years ago.
      Oh....really? How do you know the lady wasn't lying?
      I guess it must be you or the same type of person as the lady who defamed the school with the nonsense story.

      Yeah, the article above was not posted by a native speaker. It was written by someone who trusts and knows about the school
      However as you know, either the article that was written by Indian named person(N*h*) was not written by a real Indian person. It was written by a native person, and it became another evidence.

      The school already gave all the evidence to the police, and sued her(Ash***) and the police already reported the school, where the nonsense stories are coming from.

      You ruined your precious achievement and relationship in Korea. However hope you don't want to ruin your future yourself with making up nonsenses in China.

      Admitting the truth?
      All the children and parents, even the teachers including the former teachers but not you, already know the truth, and they are the witnesses.

      You should admit the truth and stop lying and pretending the precious parents.

      You should know the children are smart enough than you think, and the children know who loves them.
      The love, can not be cheated as it is the feeling between the hearts.

      You should know no one really cares about your silly articles, and the school is growing bigger and st*r*ier than before, contrary to your wishes.

      You should know hurting someone with keyboards would return to you and will made you pay dearly.
1 rating(s).
2 helpful voted.
Nightmare School
1 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
The owners (a married couple) are absolutely terrible. They continuously lie to the parents and put the children in danger. You can't trust anything they say or do and they go back on their word often.

The school does not have proper safety features. Children have almost fallen out the second story windows which open outwards. Children have left the school without teacher's knowledge because there are no child locks. The list goes on with injuries these poor children have endured. One of the children were chocking on a block when a Korean teacher beat them upside down to try and get them to cough up the block. The foreign teachers were all concerned with the small size of these blocks but the Korean owners refuse to take the safety of the children into consideration. Another child passed out after being left outside without water. They refused to take him to a hospital because it looked bad for the school even though the health of the child was severe. They dragged a mentally disabled boy down the hall by the arm and lock children in the dark bas*m*nt to "teach" them a lesson. They also had a fire at the school and refused to let the children leave as the halls filled with black smoke because it might worry the parents.

The foreign teachers are also under a lot of stress and mental abuse at this "school." They are over worked, lied to and taken advantage of causing several midnight runs in the past. Teachers are paid late and treated like garbage by the owners. The teachers are yelled at when the owners fail to do their job. They are forced to do much more than teaching. The teachers are expected to ride the school bus, clean the children, clean the school, wipe the children when they go to the bathroom and tutor after hours. The living conditions are also unacceptable.

The owners will often walk in to the classrooms in the middle of a lesson and undermine the teachers. They also force the teachers to change test scores to please the parents. They never purchase new supplies for the children, only toys and candy to bribe the children as they leave the school.

Working at this school is a terrible experience and sending your child to this abusive school is dangerous!!
Please be aware
Institution Location
951-2 Youngtong-dong Youngtong-gu
Suwon City Kyunggi-do South Korea
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2 of 8 people found the following review helpful
  • Hh 1 years ago.
    The person above (Name removed by Admin) who keeps using Little Seeds' parents' name to pretend she is a parent and dafaming the school. Stop cheating! Use your real name and be honest?

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