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Korea, South in Asia (School): Worwick Franklin Institute - Private School - South KoreaWorwick Franklin Institute has a number of private schools located in South Korea.


Website: Worwick Franklin Institute

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  • Health & safety
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Worwick Franklin Institute WIRYE
1 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
Find another Hagwon to work at. The pay here is not great, you dont get breaks each day, they don't pay overtime on work days, weekends or public holidays, and don't count your hours with students properly so you have tonnes of classes and no prep time. Contract makes lots of promises: school keeps some and not others. Save yourself a headache and just get a better paying, easier gig in Seoul proper.

(Also be aware that Wirye is pretty isolated too (recruiter described it as 20mins from Gangnam). If you take public transport its actually 55mins to get to Gangnam by bus and 1h20mins to get anywhere else by public transport.)
The pros
Paid your salary on time, paid pension and insurance.
The cons
You'll never get paid for overtime work, weekend work or public holiday work. Not enough prep time and too many classes per teacher.
Institution Location
Wirye Shindoshi
Former Teacher
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1 rating(s).
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Worwick Franklin - Apgujeong
2 years ago.
Institute Review
There has been a systematic use of late payments to teachers, pension, and health insurance. If the teacher leaves the country at the end of the contract, the company has tried to not pay at least two former employee's bonus, and pension. Even those who finish contracts and remain in Korea are paid only after constant and tiring reminders and nearly to the point of threatening legal action.

My contract has ended fulfilled by my end. The date of payment is now past. And all legally due has yet to be paid.

The owner of the hakwon also owns swim schools. His priority is the swim schools and the disorganization and lack of management shows this. There is a lack of organized curriculum, accounting, and of communication. Principals come and go quickly because of the issues within the organization.

I would never recommend Worwick Franklin. New teachers who have little understanding of these "blacklist" schools may be recruited because of the lack of diligence of recruiting agencies.
Institution Location
613-5 Caroline Tower, Shinsa dong, Gangnam gu, Seoul.
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