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Korea, South in Asia (School): 7s English - Private School - South Korea7s English has a couple of private schools located in Bundang, South Korea.



7-5, Sunae-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Kyonggi-do, 463-825, Korea, South.

32, Hwangsaeul-ro 258beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Kyeonggi, 13595, Korea, South.

Website: 7s English

4.5/5 from 2 ratings.
  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Work location
  • Living situation
  • Pay & benefits
  • Support & facilities
  • Health & safety
Summary rating
1 rating(s).
1 helpful voted.
7s English Institute in Sunae, Bundang
1 months ago.  ·  수내역
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
I am writing this review to provide another view for people considering employment.

I started working at 7s English when the Bundang branch first started as a nominal head foreign teacher. Before I left, I was in charge of hiring foreign teachers, at the peak managed more than 6 foreign teachers at one time, hired dozens of teachers through my 7+ years there, filtered through 1000s of resumes, and probably taught over 5000 individual students. Basically, I put my sweat and tears in the place to try and make it the best school.

Coming from that perspective, and writing about only the time when I was working there, it was an ideal place for me. The school was not a mom and pop operation, but valued professionalism. We worked tirelessly to make the best curriculum, develop our own workbooks, spent hours upon hours thinking of how to better teach and understand our students, and basically be the school that we envisioned it could be.

Naturally, in this kind of environment, I concede there were teachers that did not fit with the school. From my perspective, teachers who were in Korea just to experience Asia for a year while working were not expecting a challenging environment. In addition, experienced teachers with their own philosophy on how to teach had a hard time adjusting to our m*t*ods and practices and proprietary workbooks.

But for me, 7s English tried to fill the school with teachers that cared about the students and wanted to teach them as much as possible.

One last thing about some other reviews that I read. Every teacher that worked at 7s English when I was there got paid every last penny, and on time 99% of the time. Yes, there were some rough periods in the past when there were difficulties with cash flow, like every small business. But you know what? Management was the first people that got paid last, including myself, and the teachers all got their salaries first. That’s what a business should do, and that’s what 7s English is to me.
The pros
Dedication to excellence, actual caring about the kids, proprietary curriculum and research-based m*t*ods and practices
The cons
Challenging environment
Institution Location
Seongnam City, Bundanggu, Sunaedong
Teacher/Manager; Around 2007 to 2014
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2 rating(s).
2 helpful voted.
About 7s English Academy (Bundang) Main Branch
1 months ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
Owner/Manager: Donald Park
Location: Bundang, by Sunae station.

I am a current native teacher at 7s English acacdemy. Somehow I stumbled across this page and thought I leave a comment and my personal opinion about the academy. I am a teacher here but I will not over exaggerate on things I say nor willl I make false claims.

First, my experience at 7s has been great. Donald Park (owner) has treated me with respect and taught me a lot of things. When I was hired, I began working with teachers who have been working here for nearly three years. They were satisfied with their job and had a good relationship with both the owner and the head teacher. To me the office atmosphere was very important on deciding whether I wanted to work here long term.

I have many years of teaching experience in Seoul and Gyeonggi province so I am fully aware of the hagwon systems. So far, I haven't noticed any issues with the system and the management. I honestly don't know how things were 7-8 years ago but now I can easily say that the academy is walking towards the right path.

I do see some negative comments but that was years ago. Not every job can be a perfect fit. There is always a risk when taking the next step. I took a risk and I have no regrets.
Institution Location
성남시 분당구 수내동 코리아나빌딩 2층
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