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Korea, South in Asia (School): Singapore International School Gwangju Learning Center (SISGLC) - International School - South KoreaSingapore International School Gwangju Learning Center (SISGLC) is an international school located in Gwangju, South Korea.


Address: O Bang Ro 17 BongSeon Dong, Gwangju, Jeoll, 61681, South Korea.

Website: Singapore International School Gwangju Learning Center (SISGLC) - Unknown



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2 years ago.
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The school often does not enroll employees into any of the required Korean benefits like national health insurance or pension. In fact, if you work there you can try to access it. You will quickly realize it's not there.
(Name removed by Admin), a Korean, human resource manager is very unreliable. She changes contract at whim to benefit the school and is very lazy.. Before signing the contract, she is inconsistent with communication. But will pretend to be nice, as they need teachers. Yet, after signing the contract, it gets worse. You can not rely on her to answer simple questions or conduct basic procedures.

The Vice President of the school (Name removed by Admin) seems kind but is really vile. She only cares about business. She will corner at you and scream to pressure you to sign a new contract and during private meetings. I and other teachers have att*s*ed to this. DO NOT let the cute face and polite demeanor fool you. (Name removed by Admin), it is basically her partner in crime. Though her (Name removed by Admin) is more aggressive. She will walk through the shadows of the school, finding things to complain about. If she doesn't like you, she will find a way to complain and get you fired.

(Name removed by Admin) is basically the foreign face of the administration. He is (removed by Admin) and married a Korean, so he acts as if he is a god. Due to his title as principal. (He lets it be known that he will do anything to protect his job, even if it means lying on or misusing good teachers). He may come of as the sensible admin. as he speaks English and has a fake smile. Though, he really only cares about the business of the school and protecting his own neck. Again, do not trust him. He will spread your business to every teacher and colleague or simply use what you say against you. Especially, if it has to do with saving money, hence not paying your salary.

Since, he is the foreign, white male he uses his privilege to deter parents from the wrong doing of the school. They basically trust him because he's charismatic. Being the only man in administration, gives him more authority by nature, so many Korean parents listen to him more. However, he knows how to humble himself and act gullible among the other Korean administration. The Korean administration uses him as a puppet to enforce their dirty work with the foreign teachers. Thus, they seem to tolerate him. Everything is an image, believe me.

(Name removed by Admin), another seemingly nice person. Yet you will notice she has a temper and is very controlling. If she feels threatened in anyway, she will lash out at you. She claims to have been there for several years, though she has no office at the school. Anyways, she is very close to administration. She is basically an informant whom has forced her title as an admin. and will tell you she is one. She smiles in their face and acts as if she is responsible. Though she is not reliable at all. Her foreign husband works for the school for extra cash. Though it is illegal. He is ducking and diving around the corridors and trying to hide the fact he works there. As he can be fined or deported.

While I was there a teacher was fired near completing the contract. This could be due to the fact, they hate paying teachers their LEGAL benefits. On the contrary, the teacher kept to him/herself. Which is often a problem at the school. If you are not s*c*ing up to administration, they will out you. No matter how good of a teacher you are.

Additionally, they hire a lot of people as part time workers. That way they feel no financial obligation to them. These people are often not qualified to work under Korean law. They are usually people from South East Asia or Africa.
Many of the teachers are married to African men. The female teachers s*c* up to administration. Then, there husbands work under radar and are always looking over their shoulders.

.One thing the school does to exploit South East Asians, is have them teach a core subject like math. However, they will use them when they deem fit to teach English. This of course cuts the cost of paying a native English teacher. Many of them will not complain, as they are desperate for a job.
Additionally, they will accept volunteer help. Though, the volunteers are much nicer than the actual Korean teachers whom text all day and snitch to administration on foreign teachers. Yet, they hate the children and often abuse them emotionally and physically.

The school will overwork but underpay you or simply not pay you at all. You will teach multiple subject classes in one hour. As they can use that to get much of your time but you get no benefit to that.
Most teachers who can pass a semester or year, get "moved up" as an elementary teacher. However, there pay does not increase. Teachers have admitted as lead teachers or being there for many years, there salary is stagnant. So, if you simply want a job with no professional development, you can work there.

This school is notorious for switching and firing teachers. In fact, you will see advertis*m*nts randomly from the principal on Facebook.It is often posted in the local job groups on Facebook under the name Marcus Kotze or whichever teacher is looking for a replacement.

Most teachers live near the school or in the same apartment building. The housing is very mediocre and don't expect much privacy.. There are some teachers who have to share their apartment or have mold and other plumbing issues. They simply do what's convenient for them financially. Yet, do not care about the well being of teachers.

Though, they claim to have an international curriculum and more classes than the average hagwon. The only foreign students are those whose parents teach there. Which may be about five total.
It is merely a large school with a bunch of secrets and drama in a small city.

Do not waste your time there. People will smile in your face and plot on you. Every admin. is friends with each other and it is strictly business. They don't even pay salary on the average day or time as most hagwons. Presumably, because their reputation and desire for control over teachers.
Many teachers who have been there for years are as messy as the administration and have low standards.

Actions Taken
1. If you really need a teaching position in the JEOLLANAM DO area of Gw*n*JU just apply to a public school position. Canadian 2. Connections is a reliable agency that places teachers at public schools in the area.
3. Last but not least: If you were cheated out of your contract, seek legal advice or go to the Korean Labor Board.
SIS is constantly being reported or known for their corruption.
So many teachers have confessed they wish they had done something about it. Many just go home to their countries and are scarred from working in Korea.
There are others who have reported them and won their cases.
Do not let them bully you. They will continue to misuse foreign teachers, if no one speaks up.
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2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
  • vion 2 years ago.
    I worked at Singapore International School Gw*n*ju Learning center for over 2 years and I definitely disagree with everything posted in the above review. The review seems more like a personal attack on individuals at the school than a rational critique.
    We can all agree that every day cannot be perfect at your job and sometimes people make mistakes or rub you the wrong way. That being said I found management to be professional and caring towards the teachers. They take the teachers opinion seriously and never make changes to the system without consulting with the teachers first. Management has always been accommodating towards all teachers and staff regarding personal leave and other requests. There is an atmosphere of team work in the school where everyone is on board with delivering what is best for the students.
    I cannot speak of previous teachers who worked at SIS GLC before my time but those who I have worked with were professional in their behavior towards co-workers and children. Soon after arriving at SIS GLC teachers realize you need to be a team player in the sense that you need to contribute positively to the betterment of the school and students. While I worked at SIS GLC we bonded well as a group and made sure to help each other out when needed.
    Illegal Work
    SIS GLC does not hire illegal workers because it is against the South Korean labour laws. SIS GLC is very aware of the legalities of hiring workers and as far as I know there are no illegal workers employed at SIS GLC. The comments made about South East Asian women working at SIS GLC illegal are laughable. The only Asian teachers working at SIS GLC are the Korean pre-school teachers the Chinese language teachers and one primary school teacher, who holds a master’s degree. The Chinese language teachers are all on working visa and some of them are even married to Korean nationals and have citizenship. The comment made about teachers being married to African men is blatantly racist and has nothing to do with the quality of SIS GLC.
    From my experience I found SIS GLC a great place to work at. There is a professional atmosphere in the school among teachers and a caring and happy relationship between the teachers and students. The teachers and students have a close bond with each other. SIS GLC puts a lot of emphasis on not just teaching the class content but also creating personal bonds with the students to help them develop as well balanced individuals. SIS GLC also belongs to the well respected and successful Singapore International School Group, who in themselves would not allow any of the things claimed in the above post to happen at one of their schools.

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