Korea, south in Asia (School): ING English Institute - Private School - South Korea

ING English Institute is a private school located in Gyeonggi, South Korea.

Address: 135-6 Wiryedong-ro. Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi, 13642, South Korea.

Website: ING English Institute

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Petty, evil and unprofessional. Do not waste your time here.
4 months ago.
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This post is about ING English in Wirye/Hanam/Seongnam.

My MAIN reason for reporting this school to the blacklist is how the school treats teachers that they do not like. Even if you are polite, quiet and hardworking, if you do not kiss up to the superiors, you are on their naughty list. I was literally told to bow my head, apologize, smile and nod, because the director couldn't understand why I didn't go looking for him to greet him when he wasn't at the front desk, or why I didn't take the constant criticism humbly, even though any and all of my reports and comments were shut down in a dismissive, apathetic manner, which resulted in a feeling of lack of support, disrespect and extreme frustration. For example, being sexually harassed by students making a game out of trying to grab my b*e*s*s or slap me on the behind was met with a simple “we’ll talk to the students”, which did not happen, because they did not want to upset the parents.

I was plotted against by the director and his husband, the head teacher; through research online I found out that the school had posted a job listing for my then position before saying anything to me, as well as spreading word around the school that I had the intention to quit the following month, though I never had any such intention.

Four days after the job listing was posted, I was given the first of three warning letters, because I was unable to finish all of the work in class due to students not understanding, etc. Literally one full day later, I received a second warning letter, because I finished class too quickly. Each of these letters stated that I would be checked in on the next week for progress on the issue, and that absolutely did not happen. One full week and four working days after this letter, I was given the third and final letter, and was only given 30 days’ notice to leave, instead of the 60 days promised in the contract.

I will be honest and say that, due to the overwhelming disrespect and hostility that I felt in this environment, I left my position early. I didn’t take anything that wasn’t mine, and I cleaned up the apartment with care to the best of my ability, but I did leave without notice. I was publicly harassed on Facebook for my family, friends and colleagues to see by the school, under the protection of a fake name, and was insulted and subjected to lies broadcasted about myself as a result (stating that I was incompetent in teaching any age of students, stating that I was fired from my previous job because of my attitude, though they knew that I was let go in the 10th month to avoid severance pay, calling me a horrible human being and less than a human being, etc.).

This company is unprofessional, and they do not handle their situations in a mature, becoming manner. They will turn on you, and they will lie on you, but they think that because they pay you a little more than other schools, that they own you. If you feel that this is something that you can handle, then by all means apply. Hey, at least you’re paid on time. But I would not wish this disgusting, "Mean Girl" treatment on my worst enemy.
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