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Saudi Arabia in Asia (School): CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (OxfordSaudia) - Private School - Saudi Arabia

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (OxfordSaudia) is a private school located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


Address: King Fahad International Airport Passengers Terminal, Boarding Level Beside The Main Fountain, Dammam, Eastern Province, 32552, Saudi Arabia.

Website: CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (OxfordSaudia)

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1 rating
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A nightmare
1 year ago
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I accepted a job offer at this place out of the blue, without even having interviewed with them. I suppose that was the first red flag. I flew in and started working there. It was disorganized from the start.

There was no established curriculum, though we were assigned classes and told to teach them whatever we liked with the book. We were all given about 6 hours of classes a day and also expected to design an end of unit test, and a longer end of semester exam.

This was a massive workload on top of 6 hours of classes a day. In addition we were asked to record attendances for each class and then an end of week attendance using an idiotic and difficult number coding system which took ages to input into Google Drive spreadsheets.

The manager was a silly little boy in his early 30’s who didn’t have a clue about management or ESL teaching. Was probably given the job by virtue of being friends/cousin with the owner. Instead of dong any managing himself, he sent out emails, on the weekend, asking us to form a ‘committee’ for exams and assessment.

Two nasty American teachers, and some other unqualified teacher, who had taken a dislike to me (probably because they were jealous I was more qualified than they were) nominated themselves as committee members and shortly later they observed my class and told the manager that I was a poor teacher etc. This led to me getting fired shortly later. I was on a plane home a couple of days later.

Since when do junior inexperienced teachers observe and assess more qualified, experienced teachers?!

What a complete farce.
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1 rating
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CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (OxfordSaudia) - Review
Your review
- all of the managers and coordinators started work as teachers, and accepted managerial positions in exchange for fewer teaching hours. The project manager was a teacher when I first came to the company.
- student attendance sheets were not finalized until three weeks after the start of the term, because the project manager failed to complete student rosters. This, in spite of having several people helping him.
- one week before the end of a "probation period" (invalid because I never received a contract to sign), I was terminated.
Although I vigorously invited him to do so, the project manager never entered my classroom to observe my teaching; he conjectured that it was my "bad reputation" (what?!) that was the reason for the students' poor (intermittent) attendance. In fact, the class he gave me was a group of students who had already failed to complete the same term 2-3 times.
In the next week, two more teachers were terminated for no apparent reason.


This company is responsible for putting pilots in the skies. Students who are passed because their parents are well-connected are a danger to the airways.,49.7975174,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xec73c5b4dce60673!8m2!3d26.4683377!4d49.7975174

former teacher
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