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Thailand in Asia (School): Phuket Academic Language School - Private School - Thailand

Phuket Academic Language School (PhuketPALS) is a private school located in Phuket, Thailand.


Address: 66/19 Wichit Songkhram Rd, Tambon Kathu, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83120, Thailand.

Website: Phuket Academic Language School (PhuketPALS)



0.5/5 from 1 ratings.
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Terrible School
1 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
Do not take a job with this school. The Northern Irish manager and his Thai wife run the school.

From the interview stage they will lie to you! The school is dirty and run down as apparently they have no money, for months there was no cleaner.

There is no technology at all you are expected to use you own laptop and phone in the classroom as, they cannot afford equipment at all.

There are rooms for staff and students to live in however, they charge 8 baht per unit for electricity (The legal amount is 4 baht per unit) and they charge 300 baht for internet (the same internet that is free during the day!).

They do not offer any support with set up, i.e. airport pick ups, flights, accommodation.

The contracts are illegal according to Thai law as they do not give the correct holidays or public holidays.

35K is taken from your pay for visa costs yet you are expected to pay for your visa costs. You get this back after 12 months but, most people don't make it to 12 months!!

The manager will ask you to enter the country on a tourist visa and then work illegally while they spend two months organising your visa papers. You will then go to Penang on a visa run that you pay for, even through they are removing 35K from your pay for this?!

You will be expected to teach subjects you are unqualified to teach or have no knowledge of. 'It's easy you don't need any knowledge to teach this'.

If you decide to leave then you'll know what unprofessionalism is. Michael and Suttada won't even bother to thank you or wish you luck for the future, don't even expect a 'goodbye'.

Make sure you watch your pay as due to incompetence they tend to get this wrong!

The last and most unsettling issue is the man on the front desk. He is always touching the teenage boys and sending inappropriate comments to teachers regarding the children.

Please stay away from this company!
The pros
They will get you a Work Permit and Non B visa
The cons
No benefits
35K taken from your account to cover visa and WP expenses.
Last minute cover lessons with no prep time.
Teaching subject you are not qualified to teach.
Long working hours!
No Technology in the class rooms or staff room, you have to use your own laptop and phone in class.
Advice to Management
Be honest with staff at interview stage.
Helping international staff with initial set up goes a long way!! Why don't you do this?
Institution Location
Kathu, Thailand
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