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Turkey in Asia (School): Bilkent Laboratory and International School - Private Day School - TurkeyBilkent Laboratory and International School (BLIS) is a private day school and international school located in Ankara, Turkey.

Address: Doğu Kampüsü, 100.yıl/Ankara, Turkey


1.0/5 from 1 ratings.
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  • Pay & benefits
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  • Health & safety
Summary rating
1 rating(s).
Not unlike a beautiful prison
4 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
Working there for two years, there had been two great administrators that were quickly disposed of--it`s a mess of nepotism and chaos...that`s after fifteen years of even worse*. The last guy they replaced was an administrator named Michael S--who built numerous IB schools and has four Master`s Degrees...

The infrastructure is fair, but steeped in The Turkish Way and many exceptions given to plush connections of this private university. Compared to neighboring Middle East Tec*i*cal University, this is a nice, boring alternative for most people trying to get their footing in the country.

City itself is BORING. Accessibility and locale leaves much to be desired.
The pros the barely get to exit with your sanity intact and appreciate all the other situations you`ve been.
The cons
The obvious disparity between international and local staff--which administrators are forced to treat equally. This includes airlifting in programs without continuity, a slash-and-burn field of academic/organizational plans that yield less and less.

Terrible turnaround time in receiving work visas and permission to travel--passports are often held 2-3 months upon arrival, stifling plans for basic necessities and services (mobile phone, reliable internet service, opening a bank account) that you`d take for granted.

There`s no transparency in your official job status, paying of local taxes and options you`d think you`re entitled to in employment.
Advice to Management
The board members have little incentive to disrupt business, the way its been done--because it`s extremely impressed with its performance.

There`s too little change in the original, chaotic format of the organizational structure. Turkish and foreign traditions of business errs too much in the hosts` favor.

Fire The American In Charge and gossipy spouse.

Institution Location
Bilkent University, Ankara 06800
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