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Turkey in Asia (School): Gökkuşağı Koleji (Gokkusag Schools) - Private Schools - TurkeyGökkuşağı Koleji (Gokkusagi Schools) has a few private schools located in İstanbul, Turkey.



Bahçelievler - Eski Londra Asfaltı, No: 15 Haznedar Bahçelievler – İstanbul.

Bahçeşehir - Hoşdere Yolu Cd. Orhangazi Mh., 1650. Sk. No: 04 Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir – İstanbul.

Beylikdüzü - Adnankahveci Mh., Fabrikalar Cd., Beylikdüzü – İstanbul.

Ümraniye - İnkilap Mh. Alemdağ Cd., Üntel Sk. No:30, Ümraniye – İstanbul.

Website: Gökkuşağı Koleji (Gokkusagi Schools)

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Review on Gokkusagi Koleji Bahcesehir Istanbul Turkey
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
I was in the Bahcesehir campus of Gokkusagi Schools. The location is very bad, in the middle of an industrial and construction zone , air pollution is high. The building is like a self-overheated glass house when its sunny, no air conditioning and only one openable window per classroom. School’s management is unprofessional even for Turkish standards, typical Turkish mindset of ‘you are only being a good teacher if you are friends with them and with the parents’. They are trying to violate foreign teachers’ rights by attempts of not paying the summer money, cutting the official wage. Within the English department huge problems, rivalry and jealousy. The Turkish English teachers’ level of English is a shame, hard to believe they have a degree in English language. Their behavior towards the foreign teachers is a shame too, they gossip in Turkish all the time, no help and jealousy , no tolerance towards foreign teachers’ culture, religion, beliefs and the list goes on. What the school as “PYP IB” is doing is a joke, its just a show off, they have no idea and none of the classroom Turkish teachers speak English what supposed to be the minimum requirement to do IB program. There Is no help from classroom teachers in terms of classroom management or handling complaints from parents.
Advice to Management
Learn at least conversational English and be more open-minded and try to tolerate other cultures, religions and countries if you advertise yourselves as “international IB school”. Learn to appreciate foreign teachers as most of the students are there for the foreign language. Adapt a more professional and corporate attitude instead of this favouritism you are doing.
Institution Location
Bahcesehir Sube:
Orhan Gazi Mah.
1654 sk. No: 40
Esenyurt – İstanbul
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