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North American Reviews (School): Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - North AmericaWall Street English (WSE) is a franchise with a number of schools located in North America.


Address: One South Street, Suite 1100, Baltimore, MD 21202.

Website: Wall Street English (WSE)



Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - China

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Hong Kong

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Indonesia

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Malaysia

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Thailand

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - South Korea

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Vietnam

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Angola

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Czech Republic

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - France

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Israel

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Morocco

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Portugal

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Russia

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Saudi Arabia

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Spain

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Switzerland

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Turkey

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Argentina

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Chile

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Colombia

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Ecuador

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Mexico

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Peru

Wall Street English (WSE) - Franchise - Venezuela


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Wall Street English Is Over-Priced Racist Operation
6 years ago.
Institute Review
Having a big name and charging big prices means little when the managment are racist liars. My GF used to work in HR for Wall Street and she was instructed to hunt and recruit young Ukranian refugee students with blonde hair becuase they would work for less money and and Chinese parents would be told they are Americans or Canadians! The big key was accent-free English. That was not easy but she said she found a few. Other hr team members were using the Russian Bride web sites, and she said the boss (a guy named Carlos) told them directly "We don't want blacks or latins even if they have a Phd in Education!"  So they are going by looks and not credentials when hiring people although you must still have the degree to get your Z Visa. So while the girl below may have no educational academic training, and never taught a thing in her life to anyone, she will get picked over an American citizen who does not look like Snow White even if she has a ba in education and has been teaching high junior high school students for three years in America, just because one of her parents is Latino or black.  Sorry, I don't blame the Chinese racism - I blame the Wall Street English racism since Wall Street is owned by an American public company called Pearson which trades on the NYSE! American companies are prohibited by law aganist racism - no matter where they operate. 
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Wall Street English In China Is Racist Operation
6 years ago.
Institute Review

Anyone who admits to being black or brown on the telephone will not even get an interview with Wall Street English. If you have an Arabic, Urdu, or African name, change it to "Steingold" or "Lewis" on your resume to get a demo class scheduled.  They only hire white native English speakers and this is ironic because the boss who screens the applicants is a Latino American named Carlos Cortes!  When I applied for a job there about 8 months ago the Chinese girl I spoke with on the phone, said she could not make an appointment for me to come give a demo class because my last name ended with an "o".  I asked her what that meant and she said "That means you are either Italian or Spanish right?"  I said "No that means my grandf*ther is from Argentina and I am a native English speaker from America - where I was born and raised as a U.S. citizen!"  She seemed confused and asked me to send in a photograph. After I did so, I never heard back from her, so I called her after a week and asked for an update. She was very honest with me and just said "My boss said you don't look enough like an American and we only hire teachers that fit a certain look."  When I asked who her boss was she said Mr. Cortes and after I said I wanted to send him a letter, I got the full name.

I decided I would try to impress this Carlos dude with my 6 years teaching experience and my linguistics degree from UCLA, and a little Mandarin that I speak at HSK level 3. The guy would not even take my calls for a week!  Finally I called after hours and got him on the line and gave him a rundown of my qualifications. Although he was polite he was not ashamed to say that "We have a policy to hire native English speakers from certain countries and they must have a certain professional look". When I asked him about this look he asked me how long I have lived in China, and when I told him "a few years" he frankly said "You know how the Chinese are... they only want white teachers and even though you are an American, they will never believe it because of your tan skin color." Not wanting to argue or b*o* a fuse on this guy, I just said I understood and said goodbye.  Today, I saw the below posted at an expat forum:

"Anyone of color, including Latin Americans need not apply at Wall Street English because they have a very sneaky way of hiring only white people these days. No matter how qualified you may be with education degrees, teaching experience, and TEFL certificates, if you are not a white American, Canadian, Brit, or Aussie they won't hire you and one of their HR managers, Carlos Cortes even says so verbally and in emails, in a clever round-about way. Carlos himself is Latino but advises his staff not to hire Latino Americans. I have the proof and will be posting it on Weibo and here at Beijinger if he does not publicly apologize for his blatant job discrimination. Yeah, we know this is China Carlos, but YOU are an American citizen violating equal rights laws! Go ahead and deny it Carlos - I dare you. I recorded one of your former HR employees saying that you told her and others in the HR office "We only want white native English speakers." Does that ring any bells for you Carlos? Does Pearson CEO John Fallon approve of this white policy or is he the one who ordered it? d*m*, this Fallon guy sure is white!"*b*

FYI:  Wall Street English is owned by a public company called Pearson-Longman trading on the NYSE under the ticker symbol of PSO

The pros
This presents a wonderful opportunity for a class-action law suit back in America!
The cons
Reveals the reality of racism in China.
Advice to Management
Throw away your white sheet and hood mentality and stop the hiring discrimination
Institution Location
Based in the U.S. but the China operations are supervised by Austrailia Office
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