Colombia in South America (School): Michigan Master - Private Schools - ColombiaMichigan Master S.A.S. has a couple of private schools located in Bogota, Colombia.



Calle 106A No. 18B-34, Pbx: 600 48 80, Bogotá, Colombia.

Av. Boyacá No. 48A - 69, Pbx: 263 67 10, Bogotá, Colombia.

Website: Michigan Master S.A.S.

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Michigan Masters SAS very poor. Stay away
2 years ago.
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Institute Review
This school is not actually licensed to teach is is registered as a book store. I am not sure who owns it but they have only one thing in mind. Profit. The methodology is to cram as many students in a room at a time teach them a topic ofr 10 minutes and get everyone out of the classroom in an hour. The wages are well below par. 8000 COP per four. They insist on a 6 day work week and if you happen to be employed through personal growth, a recruiting company, you may be dropped without notice. Very unprofessional, very corrupt. I suggest students and teachers keep away. Here is an article written about the school in el tiempo, a bogotá newspaper. Their logo for years was the warner brothers logo until some stool pigeon (coo coo) ratted them out) mixed metaphors aside, they just inverted the logo. Now it looks like the Al jazeera News logo
The pros
The pros are that the teachers do want to do good work however it is impossible because of the number of students they insist on being pushed through.
The cons
No one in management can speak english. The staff are considered and treated like cattle. They have no idea on how to teach language. Their whole platform is to get the students in, pass them and send them on to the next level. To fail a student or to give a bad grade is considered wrong. teachers fear for their jobs. No one dares to speak up because of the atmosphere.
Advice to Management
Learn from the teachers. Ask them what would be the best way to teach. Do not worry so much about profit. Money will come when you become known as the best school. Cut down numbers in your classroom. understand that 15 minutes on a topic is NOT enough. Stop breaking laws. Get your company licensed as a school
Institution Location
Av. Boyacá No. 48A - 69
Pbx: 263 67 10
Bogotá - Colombia
I was a teacher there and I was horrified at how the staff was treated and paid and how they thought language should be taught.
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