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If you are one of the unfortunate people to have been recently lured into working at this 2 year college by a job ad on the Internet, then I pity you. The Korean manager, Kim Dong Seop will try to convert you to his religion and get you to go to his church. When he's not busy doing that he'll be stealing your pension money like he has done to me and other teachers. He may pay up to 60% of it back to you at the end of the contract or he may try to weasel his way out of it altogether. One thing is for sure; you will not get all of it back. They have also been known to send spies out to follow their English teachers around town to make sure you're not doing anything that might cause them to lose any face like saying anything bad about the college or going out and drinking, partying, or getting laid.

As far as the students are concerned, they are the worst students I have ever taught in Korea and that says a lot, the absolute bottom of the barrel. The college's business plan is to admit the students that other colleges and universities will not accept, bus them in from as far as Seoul, and throw them into the classroom. Their behavior is dysfunctional and extremely disrespectful. Many of them appear to have next to no brain activity going on at all. Trying to teach English to a class full of anywhere from 20 to 40 18 and 19 year old kids full of Pet Care/Dog Grooming students is nothing short of a frustrating waste of time. You can expect them to show up to class eating food, making a mess, talking to each other in Korean, and text messaging on their cell phones. One student I had thought it was funny to shout English cuss words out in the middle of class. Another chose the name Bin Laden when I told them to choose English nicknames. Of course, the other students were very amused by these clowns and had a good laugh.

The management also expects you to participate in sports week where you're supposed to show up and cheer for your students. At this event you can expect to see marketing stands set up that the president of the college charges companies a fee to pass out free samples of their products. Among them is a Korean company that markets and hands out free cigarettes to the students. And the really funny thing is that the president of the college used to be a doctor! Money is number one to these people. Education is far down the list. This place is a business first and foremost and a degree mill at best.


+1 # Seojeong College was greatEleanor 2012-05-03 21:50
I just wanted to quickly counter this negative review with my own experience - I also taught Pet Science and Tourism, and yes, the classes could be a little unruly because of the large number of students.

However, I adapted to the situation and create lesson plans that the students loved and eagerly learned; my attendance rates were great, and my students were smart. They key was to scrap the textbook and focus on what students really wanted to learn: pets and tourism. For example, I taught pet grooming and dog breeds, and how to check someone into a hotel.

This negative review really bums me out; these students are paying good money to learn, and they're passionate about their fields. I have great memories of Seojeong College, and I got my pension. For the record, Kim Dong-seop never invited me to his church, and I was not required to attend sports day. But considering the generous salary and relatively short hours, I wouldn't have minded attending - it probably would've been fun.

In the states, college is harder than high school, but it's the reverse in Korea. The students who give themselves wacky names are just having a bit of fun... my class had an Osama, a George Washington, a Harry Potter. Let them have their fun and learn some dog grooming in the process.

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