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If you feel you are the victim of any of the following practices, or other forms of unfairness or deception, either let us know or contact ESL Law directly.

The greater % of Deceptive Practices are attributable to Private hogwons (schools). You should be aware of the following and be prepared to deal with them:-



0 # Work Illegally or be DismissedGuest 2010-06-13 13:29
Deceptive Practices. I have looked at my Contract and it states that I should go to wherever my Director tells me. Now this has not happened until now. I am coming up to the last four months of my contract and the Director is asking me to work at a second school. I have been working at the school for coming up to 3 years.

I know that it is illegal as I took a training day set up by the Hagwon Association. I have explained to my Supervisor and Director that it is illegal and that they add it on to my E2-Visa, they keep on giving me excuses and even though I do not speak Korean I am very good at picking up languages. I would like to know what can I do about this situation. Is it even worth me trying to sort this out now so close to the end of my contract?

I hope that someone you can help me.
+1 # Reply : Deceptive PracticesRichard Hawkes - EFL Law 2010-06-14 22:44
It is indeed illegal for those on E2 visas to teach at a place not listed on the back of their alien registration card. If you want to avoid working illegally, then you must insist that they take you down to the local immigration office and ask permission for you to teach at another location. I can't believe that it would take more than a day and I don't understand why they don't do this and avoid the risk of being caught and fined, unless they've tried and failed before. The immigration office need to physically add the additional address to the back of your card, so if they say they "called immigration and it's okay", well they'd be lying.

The danger of refusing to go to the other school of course is that you run the risk of them being difficult when it comes to collecting your severance pay and any bonuses. If you are threatened with being fired or not receiving monies owed to you, then you'll need to contact the Korean Labor office. If you anticipate a problem, you should probably call them ASAP; formal complaints have to be made in person (I believe) so you'll need a Korean speaker with you to translate, someone you trust. By calling them now, you will at least have an idea of the next step, should they start trying to be difficult.

Stick to your guns calmly and confidently, and you should be okay. If they start acting unreasonably, then you should say that you have contacted the immigration and labor offices and that they told you not to do it as it is illegal.

The numbers and sites below might be of use to you.

That's all I can really advise you to do, I'm afraid.

Good luck


Labor office
Contact the labor office start a complaint procedure. Formal complaints need to be made in person with a Korean speaker with you for translation purposes. If things get bad, a call from them can get things on track, though not not always.
Number for foreign workers is: 031-345-5000

Immigration Website:

Seoul Global Center:
There are some numbers for free advice at certain times below: Just replace the XXXX with the right extensions: 02-2075-(+ ext.)

Multilingual consultations
English - 4130, 4131, 4138

Professional consultations (Mon., Wed., Fri. 14:00~17:00)
Labor consulting 4124
Legal consulting 4125
Tax consulting 4145

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