Creating and Participating in Polls

You may notice that some threads on this forum also include a section where you can vote on an issue or question. These threads are called 'polls'.

How do I create a new poll?

When you post a new thread, you may also have the option to create a poll.

This allows you to ask a question and specify a number of possible responses. Other members will then be able to vote for the response they wish, and the results of the voting will be displayed in the thread.

An example poll might be:

What does ESL mean in teaching?

  • English as Second Language
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Electronic Sports League
  • Exit Stage Left
  • Electronic Systems Laboratory

To create a poll when you post a new thread, simply click the '+ New Topic' on the top of the page, create a subject. add a topic icon (optional). In the editor you will notice a coloured bar graph mouse over it will say poll click it, You may also want to specify a time limit for the poll, so that (for example) it stays open for voting for only a week (optional).

Now a responsive + (red) - (green) button will pop up click + button  and set the number of possible responses you want to include.

Add a message about why the poll has been created and submit

How do I vote in a poll and view the results?

To vote in a poll, simply select which option you want to vote for, and click the 'Vote!' button. Sometime you can choose more than one option. You can see the current results for a poll before you vote by clicking the 'View Results' link. Voting in a poll is entirely optional. You may vote for any of the available options, or cast no vote at all.

Note whether or not a poll is a public poll. If it is, any votes you cast will be attributable to you.

Generally, once you have voted in a poll, you will not be able to change your vote later, so place your vote carefully!

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