Feature your reviews to the top and commenting, why bother?

ESLwatch notices certain trends when employers try to minimize the reviews against there institution by having employees add reviews, this is a positive response and is encoraged. However, this not using the site to it's full potential. There are a few things you can do to add professionalism to your reviews.

1: Use comments against negative and positive reviews, thank the positive and respond to the negative reviews in a professional way. 

2: ESLwatch introduced bounce to top (feature review) in 2016, this is not ideal, but you could push the negative reviews to the bottom by featuring the positive reviews. ESLwatch do not condone or restrict this activity, but it does hold own problems. A few institutions have used this option. On occasions by featuring you can insight more negative reviews and/or reviewers will start to feature reviews themselves. Hence, ESLwatch only suggest this as an option as part of your management plan. 

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