How do employers manage their reviews on ESlwatch?

In our experience, those companies that recognize the value of social media, notwithstanding their concerns about individual reviews, benefit from the decision to manage their reviews through meaningful engagement with our website.

Employers can flag reviews on our site that they feel violate our terms. Those reviews will be given a second look by the content moderation team to see if we missed something the first time. If we do not find a violation of our Terms of Use and an employer believes a review is not representative of the workplace experience at their company, we recommend that the employer provide an employer response to the post at issue - which response is the only comment we allow. In our experience, thoughtful, professional employer responses go a long way to diffusing the effect of negative posts (especially those posts not so professional in tone). Also, those companies that encourage their workforce to provide unbiased reviews generally benefit from the resulting larger sample size of content: the greater number of reviews, the more likely that extreme reviews will interpreted as outliers (to the extent they do not reflect the prevailing view of employees) – and readers tend to discount the reliability of outlier reviews.

Here's a link to our tips for managing reviews on ESlwatch.

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