Manage negative reviews

Many schools, colleges, universities, recruiting agencies, companies, online websites or even you as an individual fear negative reviews because they may drive away existing and potential candidates. Thankfully, it is possible to manage negative reviews, and even turn them to your advantage in some situations.

If it is negative, stay courteous and professional. Apologize for not meeting their expectations and offer a general email or phone to connect – or, if you know who the reviewer is, indicate you will reach out directly and then do so. It is always best to try to resolve a difficult situation offline – instead of getting into a protracted back-and-forth on ESLwatch. In some situations, it may be readily apparent you were at fault; in that case, tell them what you are doing to put the problem right. Everyone likes to know that there is a real person behind a school, college, university, recruiting agency, company, online website or individual, not some faceless anonymity. Taking the time to really hear what candidates, teachers, students or parents have to say builds appreciation and rapport.

Remember reviewers have the option to edit a review or delete it, so getting them on your side is paramount.

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