Should I feature postive reviews?

ESLwatch understands that when a review does not show your institution in a positive light it can be frustrating, as an employer you have followed the tips for managing reviews but now your postive reviews are being pushed further down the page, what can you do? Please read feature you reviews on ways of dealing with this issue.

In 2016 ESLwatch introduced bounce to top (feature review), which by paying a nominal donation you can bounce your review to the top. Which means any and all further free reviews will show *below your review.

If you decide to feature a review, make a donation any amount, email us with a link to the review you want to feature.

Note: *If another user employee or community user decides to also feature a review it does show above yours as the system shows latest review. However, it does not affect your placement above free reviews. Also, note that reviews to feature can belong to any community user.  

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