What does the term Recruiter / Recruitment agency / Recruitment / Individual mean on ESLwatch?

What does the term Recruiter / Recruitment / Recruitment agency / Individual or Individual recruiter mean on ESLwatch?

On ESlwatch we check each and every website when we add review pages. What we look for is how professional the site looks and using a suitable company name not something ambiguous like (Jakeinkorea) when he should have something like (Jake recruiting in Korea).

We check the About Us for the level English being used such as spelling and grammar mistakes or phrases that do not sound quite right.. 

We check that the website lists any contact information. We check if the email a throwaway or domain based and most of all we look for a business registation.

Below is how you will know the different when searching ESlwatch.

Recruiter - has a contact address.

Recruitment or Recruitment Agency - Has domain based email, address and or business licence.

Individual  or Individual Recruiter - Is a independent person, generally no based email, no contact address and no business licence.

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