Why is my review unpublished? - 3rd party review

I have posted a review and my review is unpublished, why?

We review and approve every post before it appears on our site, and in the case that the community sees something suspicious we will look into the issue and take appropriate action. 

3rd party reviews:

Our review page is based on individuals placing up their reviews of their educational institution. If it is a 3rd party write up you can place that into our forum which is a free for all when doing a third party write up.

1st Party reviews:

When placing a review of a school it MUST be your experience and not one of someone elses which has been witnessed or spoken about, as the information can be unreliable. Also writing up someone elses experience can detrimental consequences on the third party. It is better to let your friends/ co-workers to write up their own experiences, so pass on the link. Please no bad language or whinning as it is not professional.

The reason for this is so that institutions and employees have a level platform, which means that the institution can respond to the individual on a case by case basis. If these people are worried about writing a review, an anonymous profile can be created. As long as the review does not have reference to the individual (i.e specific references which pin points the employees timeline) they are offered protection via that means, bear in mind no personal details are released, only what has been published in the profile.

If you are still unsure about what to do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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