Why won't ESLwatch remove a review after being informed that the review contains false facts?

When it comes to whether or not the substance of the reviews on ESLwatch are true or false, it is often impossible for us to make that determination. We do not remove content in these circumstances, as we do not feel that we can act as the finder of fact. ESLwatch's general position is that a review is valid from the standpoint that it is one person's personal experience and understanding of their job, experience or school,college,university,recruiter, company or individual.

Each review on our site contains the author's own subjective opinions and may also contain factual statements reflecting that individual's personal experience or experience working with that position . When users accept our Terms of Use by submitting reviews, they are representing to us that the factual statements they make (those capable of being proven true or false) are indeed true.

We endeavor to screen from our site posts that, in our discretion, contain obvious falsehoods (i.e. those that do not involve weighing the believability of the author vs. a party who objects to a post). But we do not act as judge and jury for factual disputes. And our Terms of Use makes clear that the user alone is responsible for what they post.

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