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Blacklisted: ChinaESL - a scam bad for schools and teachersI have taught for many schools, and agencies, and this one covers all the reasons you'll find online of things to look out for.

I have been teaching ESL in Asia for a long time and ChinaESL is the worst deal a person can possibly get into. Their contract doesn't give you anything. No health insurance, no bonus, no protection, nothing.

They will hook you up with questionable schools, and charge them a third of what they are paying you to keep for themselves on a monthly basis. Try to quit? You'll find yourself either unable or be facing penalties or early dismissal and there's nothing you can do about it.

Everybody loses except them on their contracts. They can end up making more money than you and there's nothing you can do but bend over and take it.

Do NOT hire this agent, Seek jobs that deal directly with the school and do not trust in the job that they are offering you. It likely will not happen and instead you will find yourself paying for an illegally obtained work visa and be placed with a bad school, and penalties that prevent you from getting any work but what they hand you.


Please do not review this article, review the recuiting company on the link below:

ChinaESL (China ESL) - Recruitment Agency - China

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Congratulation Rebbeca You Own The Biggest ESL Scam in China
  · 1 years ago.
I was almost fooled by this woman when she interviewed me. She is a very good sales person with the gift of gab. But she works with a lot of bad schools that have no business registrations and cannot give Z visa. Also her schools pay the least in salaries. If you come from abroad she will quote you a high salary verbally and then after you arrive tell that job was already filled by another agent (what she did to me) She also wants to "hold" your passport and some people are dumb enough to sat yes! these links can tell you more about this very bad apple.

If you want to read the "good" reviews about just ask for the links, she has plenty because she paid or created them all herself!  This link here contains the contract that people still talk about two years later and aside from taking 66% of this teacher's salary she also wanted the girl to pay a 20,000 rmb fine for showing this contract to others online at thebeijinger!

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